10 Elf on the Shelf Ideas!

  1. Here is our cheeky Elf lining up all the toys who were wanting to play outside.


2. This cheeky Elf loved to try on everyones shoes!  

3. Here he is again getting up to mischief with the toothpaste!  

4. One morning we woke up and the cheeky Elf had run himself a bath. 

5. Our Elf loves to read stories to the toys! 

6. He also loves to draw pictures! 

7. On Christmas Eve he had wrapped up our door and left us a special surprise! 

8. Here is our Elf chilling out in my daughters school bag. 

9. Our Elf liked to learn how to read. 

 10. Leave little notes from your Elf using these fab chalk pens. We use them on our windows and then wipe them off when the children are at school. 



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