15 Tips For Flying With a Toddler!

Ten tips that will help you survive flying with a toddler.

1. Take a Trunki!

Travelling with a toddler

The Trunki was a life saver for us in the airport. Every time we have travelled with our toddler the Trunki has kept her entertained for hours! The great thing about it is that not only is it a suitcase, it is also a ride on and pull along toy! My toddler enjoyed riding it around the airport and loved the fact that she had her own little suitcase. During one holiday, we had to queue for an hour at Rhodes airport to get through passport control. We couldn’t get her stroller until after passport control so she was able to ride on the Trunki instead.

2. Make sure you have enough snacks!

Make sure you take plenty of snacks! We took crisps, oat bars and raisons. This helped to keep our toddler occupied when she started to get a little restless. They are also handy if you get a delay, which we did for nearly 2 hours while sat on the plane!

3.Take a tablet!

flying with a toddler

Take a tablet and make sure you download their favourite tv programmes before you go. We have Netflix so we downloaded her favourite films and tv programmes onto the iPad before the flight and enough for the flight back. Remember to take some earphones so it doesn’t disturb other passengers. I think this was the most essential item for us!

4. Downloads App’s you can use offline!

We purchased our toddler the Leappad Leapfrog 3 before we travelled. It has lots of educational videos to watch and games to play that are aimed at specific ages. The games can be played without the WiFi and is totally toddler safe.

5. Take picture cards!

Toddlers seem to love looking at picture cards no matter what they are. My daughter has Read Write Inc speed sound cards to expose her to letter sounds. She loves looking at the pictures and saying the phrases. She even decided to teach them to her Daddy!

6. Go for frequent toilet breaks!

I would say every 45 minutes or so, get up and take your toddler to the toilets. Not only does this kill a bit of time but it minimises the risk of a toilet accident! It enables restless toddlers to stretch their legs and have a look around the plane. If your toddler isn’t toilet trained then a simple walk up and down the plane should do.

7. Pack spare clothes in your hand luggage!

Don’t forget to pack spare clothes! Take into account spillages or toilet accidents etc. It can get very cool on a plane, so if you’re travelling from a hot country to a cold country don’t forget to put some warmer clothes in your hand luggage to change into.

8. Take a sticker book

We bought my toddler a Peppa Pig magazine which had toys attached and stickers. We took some colouring pencils so that she could draw in the magazine. She loves stickers so this kept her entertained for quite some time.

9. Take a Aquadoodle

These Aquadoodle’s are brilliant mess free, drawing mats. All you need is water and you’re away! Once its all been coloured in with the water pen, it dries, and then they can start again! We took the travel edition on the plane.

10. Take a portable potty

If you’re toddler is toilet trained you might want to take a portable potty. You might not need this on the plane but it maybe useful in the airport, or when out and about in resort. When we arrived at Rhodes airport there were no toilets while waiting for an hour to get through passport control. Luckily my daughter didn’t need to the toilet but if she needed to go then the portable potty would have come in very handy.

11. Take a stroller!

You might think that older toddlers won’t need a stroller, but all the walking and waiting around can get very tiring for a little one. My toddler became very tired at the airport on our return journey and decided to have a nap in the stroller. We were able to take it all the way up to the plane and collected it at the baggage collection belt.

12. Wrapping up toys!

To keep toddlers entertained during the flight wrap up different interesting items that are old or new. Keep getting one out for them to unwrap each time they start to get a little restless. Check out our phonics activity that could be used on a plane here.

13. Pack a blanket!

Don’t forget to pack a blanket as the plane can get quite chilly and your toddler may want to sleep. You can also roll it up and use it as a pillow!

14. Playdoh!

We took a small blob of play doh and a couple of very small cutters for my toddler to use. They can use it on the drop down trays on the plane. Most toddlers love play doh due to it being incredibly open ended.

15. Take plenty of wipes!

We took baby wipes and antibacterial wipes to wipe down surfaces on the plane such as the drop down tray. Planes don’t always get thoroughly cleaned so I always run an antibacterial wipe across the tray, especially as we were having food on it.

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