Construction In The Early Years

My children don’t seem to choose to play with their blocks very often so I thought I would add something different to them to make them more appealing. I grabbed some of my daughters lolly sticks that she uses for creative activities and put them I the box with the blocks. Immediately my children wanted to play with the blocks and came up with all sorts of different models. It was amazing to see all the different things they came up with just by adding something different. It was quite a challenge to get the blocks balance on top of the lolly sticks, helping to develop those fine motor skills. . 

EYFS Construction Play Ideas

Learning Through Play

The areas of learning covered in this activity are:

  • Physical Development – This activity is great for developing fine motor skills.
  • Shape, Space and Measure – Help your child learn positional language using words, such as top, bottom, below, above and between etc. You can also talk about the shapes of the blocks. 
  • Size – Talk about the different sizes of the blocks. 
  • Creative Development – This activities allows children to think creatively. 
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development- Construction activities help children build self-esteem. They have the ability to be in total control of the activity. They can choose what they want to make and figure out the best way to do it, making any changes they feel necessary to improve their creations. 

Construction Activities      Preschool Construction

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You might also enjoy some of these construction toys. These are toys that my children enjoy playing with the most, especially the Grimm’s rainbow! We have so much fun with the Grimm’s rainbow as it has endless possibilities. 


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