Easter Play Tray

We simply love this Easter themed play tray. It’s incredibly simple to make and takes no time at all! We always try to use items that we already have to make our activities and we didn’t need anything extra for this one. We didn’t tell the little ones what was hidden under the rice so they were extremely excited to find hidden Easter eggs.

Fun Easter Activities

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How To Make An Easter Play Tray

To make this play tray you will need:

  • Rice
  • Vinegar

To make the Easter play tray:

  • Cut out different sized eggs from the card.
  • Draw different patterns on the eggs that will be simple enough for young children to talk about and recreate.
  • Place the egg cards in a play tray.
  • Place the coloured rice on top.
  • Place paint brushes on top of the rice and allow children to brush away the rice to discover the eggs.
  • You can include some blank egg cards so that the children can recreate or make their own patterns.

To make coloured rice:

  • Put a cup of rice in a plastic container.
  • Add a tea spoon of food colouring gel and a tea spoon of vinegar. The vinegar will stop the colour staining any little hands!
  • Shake well and then it’s finished!

Easter Activities for Kids


We drew lots of different patterns on the eggs to allow the children to talk about patterns and recreate them. It’s also a super fun way to discover and learn about colours. Not only does it allow children to explore patterns, shape, size and colour, it also allows children to develop their fine motor skills.

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Easter Tuff Spot

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