Fine Motor Skill Activity For Babies and Toddlers!

Make a colour and fine motor activity that is perfect for babies and toddlers. Using coloured scarves and baby toys, simply wrap and stuff the scarves around toys so that babies can unwrap the scarves from around the toys.

Fine Motor Skills for Babies

Fine Motor Skills

Help children develop their fine motor skills by encourage them to stuff the scarves into containers, such as stacking cups, and then taking them out again. Wrap the scarves around toys such as stacking rings and encourage children to unwrap them.

Older toddlers could have a go at wrapping the scarves around toys independently. Use a shape sorter to thread the scarves in and out of the shape holes.

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Activities for Babies

Matching and Learning Colours

Help children learn colours by saying the colour of the scarf as they pick them up. Play alongside them showing them how to match scarves to the corresponding coloured toy. Or simply let them explore this laid back sensory activity. An activity that can be enjoyed indoors, outdoors or in a play tray.

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Play Ideas for Babies

Baby Activities

Learning Opportunities

  • Help your child learn postpositional language by using words such as up, down, in, through, around etc.
  • Colour matching.
  • Developing fine motor skills through thread and wrapping the scarves around toys.

Products that will help with this activity

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