Gross Motor Activities for Toddlers

Physical Activities for Toddlers

Do you want to create fun activities to encourage your energetic toddler to get moving and practice their gross motor skill? Creating an obstacle course is a fantastic way to encourage your toddler to exercise, and the best thing about it is…it’s free! You can pretty much use anything to create a fun obstacle course.

My toddler takes a great interest in my gym equipment so I thought I’d make her an obstacle course with it. We had hours of fun with this obstacle course.  We used her slide, my Reebok step box, my weights and bar and a skipping rope. There was no need to go out and buy anything, we just used what we already had lying around in the house. It took minutes to put together and my toddler couldn’t wait to get started.

gross motor skills for kids

Practising Gross Motor Skills

The obstacle course helped my toddler to practice her gross motor skills such as, balancing, jumping, climbing, leaping and running. Gross motor skills are big movements that your child makes with their muscles in their arms, legs, feet and whole body. Your child uses their gross motor skills when they skip, hop, jump, run, leap and climb. To find out more information about gross motor skills click here.

gross motor activities for toddlers

Fun Gross Motor Activities

Encourage your child to develop their gross motor skills by:

  • Climbing: A simple trip to the local park will help your child to practice their climbing skills on the climbing equipment.
  • Balance bikes: Invest in a good balance bike to help your child develop their strength, coordination and balancing skills. I’d recommend the Strider balance bike as they are great quality and super lightweight.
  • Football: Play football with your child, encouraging them to kick, jump over and throw the ball. To find your local Kixx classes that introduce physical activity through football click here.
  • Dancing: Enjoy a good old dance off with your little ones to encourage them to practice their coordination skills.
  • Throwing: Try throwing bean bags or balls into buckets.

Click here to find more awesome physical activities for toddlers.

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