Homemade Potato Paint Stamps!

My children love painting activities and found this one lots of fun! If you don’t have any paint stamps then this is an affordable way to create your own. All you need to make the stamps is a potato and a knife! We had some potatoes that need throwing out, but instead of wasting them we put them to good use. We had great fun creating repeating patterns with the different shapes and colours. Everything we used for this activity were items that we already had lying around the house. We don’t have any mixing pallets for the paint so we used an old sweet tub lid. If you don’t have any paint in the house then you could use edible yogurt paint. Find out how to make yogurt paint here. 

Homemade Paint Stamps

Making Potato Stamps!

Potato Paint Stamps

To make the potato stamps:

  • Cut a potato in half. 
  • Draw a shape in the middle of the potato with a pen.
  • Use a knife to cut along the shape.
  • Cut around the shape until the pieces of potato come off. 
  • To make the handle, use a knife to cut down two line and then cut across. 

Art Activities for Children

Creative Activities for Children

Homemade Potato Paint Stamps
Create a handle on your stamps to make it easier to hold onto for little hands.

Painting Activities for Children

Let your little ones have fun experimenting with the different colours, shapes and patterns. This activity can also be enjoyed outside using squashed berries instead of paint

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