How to Make a Unicorn Play Tray – Tuff Tray Activities for Toddlers.

Unicorn Play Tray for a Unicorn Fan! 

It’s a unicorn play tray kinda day! My daughter and her friends are all very much into unicorns at the minute. I didn’t want to spend money on yet another plastic toy that she would probably spend five minutes playing with, so I decided I would make her a unicorn play tray. This is a great sensory activity and can be adapted easily to how you want to make it. I basically raided my daughters craft box and added in a few extras. 

Unicorn Play Tray, Tuff Tray Activities for Toddlers

How to Make a Unicorn Play Tray! 

This activity for toddlers was a lot more simple to make than it looks. You will need:

Unicorn tuff tray - sensory play activities for toddlers.

To make the coloured rice:

  • Put a cup of rice in a plastic container.
  • Add a tea spoon of the colouring gel and a tea spoon of vinegar.
  • Mix well together by shaking and then it’s finished!

Then place the coloured rice in thick strips, or you could make a rainbow with them. Glue together some coloured lollipop sticks to make a fence. Next, add some babybel empty cheese wrapping through the middle of the tray to create a wall. Add to the tray some hundred and thousands sprinkles, pom poms and coloured feathers. 

Unicorn Sensory Fun! 

Once you’ve finished the playtray you can add some toys, or simply let them explore the sensory objects with their hands. You could buy a really cheap throw away unicorn to go in the play tray, or go with something more expensive such as a schleich unicorn. This is a great activity for learning colours and exploring different textures. You could also add some unicorn play dough like this fantastic homemade version here. 

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Toy suggestions for Unicorn Fans! 


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