How To Make Yogurt Paint – Simple Play Activities for Toddlers and Babies!

I’ve been wanting to make some yogurt paint for a while. My daughter loves painting and often begs to get the paints out. We often struggle to find the time to paint, with my 10 month old son often knocking the paints over and wanting to put it in his mouth!

Yogurt Paint

Yogurt paint is a great, safe alternative for both a toddler and a baby to use. It has many benefits:

  • It’s edible, which is great for my baby who puts anything in sight in his mouth! 
  • Non toxic – I don’t want to encourage my children to eat it, but I know it’s safe if they do. 
  • Fun to make! My toddler enjoys helping me make the paints and chooses the colours she wants. The mixing process is also great for developing fine motor skills. 

Yogurt Paint

To make yogurt paint you will need

  • Food colouring (I used food colouring gel)
  • Yogurt (I used 0% fat Greek yogurt)
  • Containers 

Simply add a few drops of food colouring to the yogurt and mix! It’s as simple as that! If you want more vibrant colours then add extra food colouring. 

Yogurt Paint


You can use yogurt paint in many different ways. My baby likes to paint with yogurt paint on his high chair. He loves the sensory experience and enjoys getting his hands messy! You can use the yogurt paint in sinks or in the bath tub. I was initially worried that the food colouring may stain a little, but it didn’t and it was much easier to clean off than ordinary paints. I found it a lot easier to clean off my children’s skin. I have seen a post where yogurt paint is used to paint on bread, which is an excellent idea! My toddler enjoys using yogurt paint in her play tray. Her play tray is quite large so she can spread the paint around and use many different colours. She uses large paint brushes with an easy grip handle to paint with. These brushes are perfect for my baby to use too as as he can grip the handles easily. Click here to find out more about the benefits of messy play! 

Yogurt Paint

Edible Paint

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