Letters on Stairs – Phonics Activity

This activity is a great way for children to learn their letter sounds and all you need is paper, a pen and masking tape! Because they are small, children will focus on each stair as they climb, making this a subtle way to get children recognising letter sounds. You can also point out each letter sound to your child as they climb the stairs. We made things a little more exciting by playing a game to see which letter we can throw our soft toy onto. My little girl threw a soft toy onto the stairs, then told me which letter sound the toy landed on each time. If you’re homeschooling young children then this phonics activity will benefit children who prefer active learning. 

Homeschool phonics activities I love using coloured masking tape – you can use it for so many different learning and play opportunities. It’s perfect for sticking up letters, numbers and words without ruining walls and furniture. 


Phonics games

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