Milk Bottle Craft

This activity has to be a personal favourite of mine, mainly because it was so easy to make and even better…it didn’t cost me a penny! I’d been saving up our milk bottles for a while and kept wondering what I could do with them. Then my daughter started making up stories about fairies in the garden so I thought we could make a village for little mythical creatures.

Fairy GardenSmall World Garden

To make the little people village I used:

  • Empty Milk Bottles

  • Scissors or stanley knife

  • Paint

Here is how I made the little mythical creature village:

  • Cut out windows and doors from the milk bottles, ensuring there are no sharpe edges.
  • Draw different patterns on each milk bottle, such as leaf patterns, shapes and flowers. I used felt tip pens and I realise they may wash off in the rain if left outside but we can cotinue to draw different designs on the milk bottles once the pen has washed off.
  • Paint the rocks using any design you like and wait for them to dry.
  • Place the rocks and milk bottles in an area of your garden and let your child discover the surprise.

It’s great to allow your child to draw their own designs on the milk bottles and add them to your village. The small world figures we used were little wooden people taken from my daughters wooden house set and a plastic small unicorn. If you don’t have any small world figures you could try making your own using dolly pegs or lolly sticks. 

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