Outdoor Number Fun

Today we decided to focus on number recognition and counting skills. We had so much fun outside with this very simple activity. It took hardly any time to set up and I used things that we already had in the garden. This activity encourages children to count objects and find the matching number. It helps with counting skills and number recognition. 

Preschool maths

For this activity you will need:


  • Plastic balls (if you don’t have plastic balls you could use anything with numbers on)


I choose to draw different amounts of each shape on the paving slabs. I then wrote a number up to 10 on the plastic balls using whiteboard pen. I told my children that we had to count all the circles and find the matching number. They counted 2 circles and found the plastic ball with number 2 on it. They then placed the number 2 plastic ball on the paving slab with 2 circles on it.

Reception maths activities EYFS maths

This activity is also great for talking about different shapes. We left the shapes on the paving slabs and often my children would walk on the slabs and talk about the shapes. We then went on a hunt around the garden to see if we could find anything else that is a circle or a rectangle for example.

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