Paper Plate Bat Craft

Just in time for Halloween, kids of all ages will enjoy creeating this adorable paper plate bat. I love creating crafts from regular household items, and this one has a personal touch by adding hand prints.

You will need:

How to make a paper plate bat:

  • Cut up the black tissue paper into small squares. 
  • Glue the black tissue paper onto the paper plate until all the white area is covered. 
  • Cut out a red mouth, white teeth and two white eyes and glue them on the paper plate. 
  • Use blue paint to make hand prints on the white card, then wait for them to dry.
  • Cut out the hand prints, then glue them onto the back of the paper plate. 

We stuck these cute paper plate bats to our window to make a fun spooky display, just in time for Halloween. 

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