Phonics Activities for Kids Learning to Read.

Phonics Activities for Kids!

Are your children starting to learn to read? Are they reluctant readers? Then this activity will be perfect for them. Try to find out the letter sounds that they already know and go with those. This activity will help them learn to blend and segment sounds in simple words for spelling and reading simple. To find out more about blending sounds watch this video.

How to Create a Fun Phonics Activity Using Contact Lenses!

We all know someone who wears contact lenses, right?! I wear daily disposable contact lenses so I’m left with a lot of empty cases. Some I recycle and some I use for play activities. This is a really easy one to make. All you need is:

  • a sponge
  • scissors
  • empty contact lense cases
  • a marker pen.

Simply cut a slit into the sponge, write the letters onto the cases using marker pen and slot the cases into the sponge. Now your child can start creating different words.

Phonics Activities For Kids

For children wanting to make more complex words you will need a bigger sponge! You could turn the activity into a game and time your child to see how many words they can make in a minute using 6 letters for example. Encourage your child to articulate the sounds correctly. If you are unsure if your child is articulating the sounds correctly, please refer to this video for further guidance. This is a great activity for keeping the little ones occupied on a long journey. If you’ve got a plane journey coming up soon then be sure to take this activity with you as it kept my little girl busy for quite some time.

Phonics Activities for KidsPhonics Activities for Kids

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