Phonics Games – Activities for Toddlers That Help Children Learn to Read.

Phonics Games - Activities For Toddlers

Learning Letter Sounds

Are your little ones beginning to learn their letter sounds? Here is a fun activity that will help them to learn to recognise their letter sounds. When children learn to read it’s important to teach them to become fluent readers. Fluency is key! To achieve this they need to say letter sounds at speed! This game encourages children to find letter sounds quickly, which will in turn improve their fluency skills. 

Phonics Bingo

A very quick and easy activity using just chalk and a chalk board. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Draw 3 circles on each row, 9 altogether.
  2. Write a letter inside each circle.
  3. Either shout out a letter soun at random, or use a pack of grapheme (letter sound) cards to randomly select a letter sound to shout out.
  4. Say the letter sounds and ask your child to scribble it out.
  5. When your child scribbles out three letters in a row, they can shout bingo!

Ensure that your child is articulating the sounds correctly. If you are ensure if your child is articulating the sounds correctly, please watch this video for further guidance. 

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Phonics Games - Activities For Toddlers Phonics Games - Activities For Toddlers

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