Physical Activities For Toddlers – A Low Cost Activity to Get Your Toddler Moving!

An Obstacle Course With a Difference!

Is your toddler a fan of Incy Winy Spider? Do they enjoy spotting spider webs in the garden? Then they will love this fun physical activity for toddlers. This is a low cost activity for toddlers to develop their gross motor and problem solving skills.

Incy Wincy Spider Activities, Physical Activities for Toddlers

Making a Giant Spiders Web!

All you will need for this activity is some wool and scissors that are ideal for toddlers. You can do this activity pretty much anywhere outdoors, or indoors if you’re not precious about your furniture! I made a web for my 2 year old daughter by wrapping wool around outdoor furniture. I made sure that it was big enough to ensure it was challenging to make her way through.

Physical play activities for toddlers. Incy Wincy Spider.

Working Those Gross Motor Skills!

To make this activity exiting, take your child outside and tell them they need to make their way through the giant web to get to the other side. You can add other details to your story to try and hook them in. I can guarantee as soon as they see the giant web they’ll be full of excitement.

Physical play activities for toddlers. Incy Wincy Spider.

As they move through the web they’ll use gross motor skills such as leaping, rolling, bending and balancing. They will have to use problem solving skills to decide which is the best way to get across the web.

Learning Positional Language

This activity is fantastic for learning positional language. As they are making their way through the web, you can comment on what your toddler is doing using positional words such as, over, under, through, forwards, backwards etc. 

Making it Fun!

After all that excitement the fun doesn’t need to end! You can allow your toddler to ‘destroy’ the web. We used these scissors that are safe for toddlers to use. My daughter is working on her cutting skills so cutting the wool provided an extra fine motor challenge. To find out more about helping a toddler to use scissors click here. After cutting the wool my daughter then wanted to help unpick the wool, following the wool string and navigating our way around the furniture.

Fine motor play activities for toddlers using scissors. Physical play activities for toddlers. Incy Wincy Spider.

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