Simple Baby Activities For Older Babies

Turning Baby Jail Into a Sensory Den!

This is one of my favourite baby activities! The majority of play activities you will see on my blog are created with stuff we already have in the house or outside. My baby boy has pretty much outgrown his much loved Baby Einstein play gym. Also, he isn’t really interested in his rattle toys anymore. For this baby activity I rearranged his gym toys and rattle toys so that he can use them in a different way. By doing this I am trying to create excitement, hoping that he will become interested in them again.

Baby Activities
Baby Activities using toys from the Baby Einstein play Gym and Dreambaby play pen.
Baby Play Activities 

I decided to use his toys from his gym and other hanging toys to make a sensory play den! We nickname his Dreambaby play pen ‘baby jail!’ However, it has been incredibly useful to use as a fireguard in our previous house or as a play pen when I need to leave the kids to do chores such as cooking. I also use it as a barrier between the living room and kitchen as our living and kitchen area is open plan. I used his linking rings to hang his toys on the pen, tied on scarves and squished his sensory shapes in between the bars.

Baby Activities
Baby sensory activities.
Causing A Distraction!

It it a massive hit! This activity is perfect for him because he likes to climb and stand a lot now. With this activity he can do those things safely while exploring his toys. It is also stopping him from climbing up the tv stand and fiddling with the sky box! Even though this play activity was created for my baby boy, my eldest is also enjoying this play activity. She especially enjoys clipping and unclipping the toys from the bars.

Mirror baby activities
Mirror baby activities

I encouraged my baby to play with his toys by rearranging his toys and setting up a different play experience.

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