Story Time Baby Activities – Reading With Your Baby!

Story Time Baby Activities

‘Bedtime Babyby Ladybird Happy Babies

Both my children love the story ‘Bedtime Baby’ by Ladybird Happy Babies. They love the rhyme, illustrations and looking through the peep holes. It has to be one of the best books for babies in my opinion! I absolutely love watching my son try to put his head through the peep holes.

Bedtime Baby Ladybird Happy Babies Baby Activities

Story Time Baby Activity! 

I really enjoy reading ‘Bedtime Baby’ to my 9 month old baby just before bedtime. He always eagerly wants to look through the peep holes on each page. I love playing peekaboo through the peep holes with him, and as I do he comes closer to me to study each part of my face. He thinks it is hilarious that he can see my face through the peep hole! I must must admit I do have to encourage him to be more gentle with my nose…ouch!

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Making Relationships!

This is such a lovely baby activty. You will need to cut different shapes out of cardboard to make different shaped peep holes. Then put each one up to your face to let your baby explore different parts of your face, such as your nose, mouth and ears etc. It’s important to name the different parts of my face as your baby touches your face. “Oh you’ve found my nose. Let me see your nose.” This helps your baby to learn the names of different body parts.

To Make the cardboard shapes:

  1. Get a piece of cardboard, and cut out a square bigger than your head.
  2. Draw a shape in the middle of the square.
  3. Cut out the shape.
  4. Put the shape hole over different parts of your face for your baby to explore.

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Communication and Language!

This is a great activity for bonding with your baby, letting your baby explore the different parts of your face, and to study and mimic facial expressions. I’m sure that he was processing all the different language learnt too! My 2 year old later used the cardboard cut outs as shape stencils.

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  1. Thank you. It was a lovely activity. My 2 year daughter has enjoyed doing the activity with my baby boy too.

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