Telescope Phonics Activity for Kids!

Make a fun reading resource with this phonics telescope game for kids. Not only is this activity simple and quick to put together, it can be adapted to suit any stage of phonic development. It’s a great phonics activity that can be used in the home and in the classroom.It can also be used as an assessment tool to see which sounds they are not yet secure in. You can then remove or add any sounds as neccessary. You could also use sight words as an alternative.

Homeschool Phonics

Get your children involved in setting up the activity by asking them to create their own telescope in anyway they want to. I provided my child with a range of materials to add to her telescope and she couldn’t wait to start looking for letter sounds with her new telescope!

To play the game, write down the letter sounds you want your child to learn on different post-it notes and stick them to paper, a wall or the floor. If you don’t have any post-it notes then writing them on a piece of paper is fine! Say a sound and ask your child to find that sound using their telescope. To make the activity more challenging take off the letter sounds they know really well and concentrate on the sounds they need to practice. You might want to let your child have a go at being the leader and tell you which letter sounds to find.

This activity can be used in many different ways such as searching for numbers, shapes, colours, sight words and animals.

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