Free Play Activities for Toddlers Using a Cardboard Box!

Endless Possibilities With a Cardboard Box!

The great thing about cardboard boxes is they are free and you can pretty much make anything out of them! You can create many activities for toddlers and babies with a simple cardboard box! My little ones have been enjoying playing with toy boats at bath time so I thought we’d make a real one! Imaginative role play is incredibly important to the development of children’s social and cognitive skills. It helps children learn how to work together cooperatively to solve problems and create ideas. It also helps children develop their language skills as they begin to express themselves through language. 


Making a Cardboard Boat! 

We used wrapping paper rolls for the oars and attached cardboard to a small brush for the sail. 

I let my little girl decide if we needed anything else. She wanted her pirate eye patch and a telescope. We rolled up some cardboard to make a telescope. She then decided she needed her bucket, spade and some treasure. 

Her baby brother came to join in with all the fun too. Lots of new language was learnt during this exciting activity and the role play can turn in any direction. Today she was a pirate, but tomorrow she could be on a rescue boat, or a canoe in the jungle. So many possibilities! Sometimes it’s worth giving children an ordinary box and letting their imagination run wild! 

I’d love to hear  about the amazing creations your children have been making with boxes!





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