Valentine’s Day Play Tray!

We have been loving playing with this Valentine’s Day sensory number tray. My daughter has struggled with number recognition and within a day of continuously playing with this Valentine’s Day number tray she can now recognise numbers 1 to 5. I can’t believe how well it has worked! She has enjoyed hiding the numbered love hearts and then finding them again by brushing off the coloured rice. She then placed the correct number of love heart counters on each numbered love heart. The love heart counters were made out of recycled crayons and were incredibly easy to make. Find out how to make love heart crayons here.

Valentine's Day Tuff Tray

How To Make A Valentine’s Day Play Tray!

You will need:





  • Rice



  • Vinegar

How to make a Valentine’s Day play tray:

  • Using the red card, cut out 5 love heart shapes and write a number on each one.
  • Place the love heart numbers in the play tray.
  • Make the red coloured rice by putting about 4 cups of rice (use more if you have a larger tray) in a plastic container, add 2 tsp of red food colouring gel and a tsp of vinegar and shake well.
  • Pour the rice into the play tray over the top of the numbered love hearts and spread out evenly with your fingers.
  • Add the love heart crayons and large paint brushes.
  • Now it’s time for the little ones to brush off the rice and discover the numbers. They can also put the correct number of love heart crayon counters on each numbered love heart.

EYFS Number

Not only is this activity great for developing fine motor skills, it makes a brilliant number activity. Children are able to develop their early counting and number recognition skills in a fun, playful way. Check out more of our play tray ideas here

Sensory Tuff Tray

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Valentine's Day play tray

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